Martin Strange-Hansen (Danish director and Oscar winner – category Best Short)

“The film is very beautiful, very sexual and it has a strong female touch, that I first I was surprised to see a male name for the director in the credit. You get really close and into this female protagonist. No we know the director can make a film with a strong a clear language, I want him to see directing fictional scenes.”


IRIS Reviews by Suryatapa Mukherjee

“It is a gorgeous film and I have never found fruits and chips to be as beautiful as I do now. He is not afraid of close-ups and he is definitely not afraid of colors. He uses unconventional techniques to tell us a whole story, and you will listen. It is impossible to look away or lose focus for the duration of this short.” read more


Lars & Ruby, Interview with Paul Scheufler, France – Festival Europeen du film court de Brest

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Movies Over The Rainbow, Movie Review by Ali Naro

“I am sure will be one of the next generation’s great directors because Taste of Love is a high school film project and if Paul Scheufler has this much talent in high school, I can’t even imagine what is in store for us lucky movie audience members from him in the future…” read more


Merel Gilsing (Film Industry Coordinator at EYE Filmmuseum Amsterdam)

“This film has many similarities to a commercial but the film addressing to a subject which isn’t commercial at all and that’s very interesting. The constant use of close-ups makes it very personal and intriguing. It’s a very good short film.”